Victim: Mentally Challenged Macho Male

Type: Personal Injury

Dropping your credit card can be dangerous

If you drop it through a sidewalk grate

On August 8, 2015, a husband and wife came to visit San Francisco.  They decided they wanted to go on a tour of San Francisco, so they elected Big Bus Tours.  The husband, Craig, went to the bus booth outside of the Hilton Hotel.  While paying for the fee by credit card, the card was dropped and fell through a grate in the sidewalk by the booth.  Craig and the booth operator could see the card down the shaft which was 25 feet deep, although there was a platform a few feet below the grate.  Craig and the booth operator, being males, decided that they should remove the protective grate, and Craig would lower himself into the shaft onto the unknown platform.  What were they thinking?  Craig stepped onto the unknown platform which immediately collapsed, and Craig fell 25 feet to the floor of the shaft.  This would be a hilarious macho man episode if it weren’t for the fact that Craig was severely injured.  Who caused this accident?  Clearly Craig is at fault, but that won’t bring in the money.  Big Bus Tours is definitely partially to blame because of the male booth operator who participated in the ridiculous Credit Card Recovery Operation.  But who has really big bucks?  Hilton is sued because the grate which was on the sidewalk outside of the Hilton was not securely fastened.  The case as of February 2018, is in a settlement position where all parties will be participating in a settlement and some money will pass to Craig.



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